Pembrokeshire Grand Tour!

It all started with an email requesting 6 of my photographs of Pembrokeshire to be used in Whitby Hospital as a window manifestation! An opportunity I couldn’t refuse!

There was just one problem all my photos of Pembrokeshire are in Landscape format. I had a go at cropping a few into portrait, but my efforts were in vain. Hmm what to do, what to do?

I checked the weather for the weekend ahead in Pembroke, sunny!

Well there was my opportunity, I needed to get six different locations of Pembrokeshire in one day, should be doable. I made a plan of all the potential locations to photograph while on my grand tour of Pembrokeshire and highlighted them all on my map.

So on a dreary wet Saturday morning me and my sister set off on the two and half hour drive to our first location, Carew Castle.

I kept praying on the journey down that the weather man was right for once and Pembrokeshire was glorious and sunny, just as they had forecasted.

As we headed down from Carmarthen and across the Pembrokeshire border, the sun finally made an appearance, much to my delight!

Soon enough we made it to Carew Castle, and we were both quite relieved to get out of the car and stretch our legs!

Carew Castle did not disappoint, beautiful location, beautiful castle and some very adorable Shetland ponies grazing the castle grounds!

We walked the track surrounding the castle, took a few snaps and then headed back to the car for the next location, Tenby!

Now both me and my sister are proper country bumpkins, so we are not the best at finding our way around towns especially if they involve one way systems. So we ended up spending a good half an hour driving loops around Tenby trying to find the North beach!

You’ll be glad to know we did find it in the end. The sky’s were now completely clear and the sun was beating down on us. Who would of thought it was February! Could have mistaken it for a summers day.

With Tenby done and dusted we set off to our next spot, Lydstep point. But not without stopping off for an ice cream first! I mean it’s gotta be done!

So for those who ever fancy heading down to Lydstep Point, make sure you head through the Lydstep Holiday Park, not the rather precarious farm track I took, definitely not recommended if you would like to keep your car in one piece!

Anyways, parked up in the National Trust car park (which is free!) and headed to the cliff edge to snap some views. Lydstep point is definitely not lacking in incredible panoramic views in all directions. To your left is Caldey Island, and to your right are some pretty incredible cliff formations looking towards YHA Manorbier. We could have easily spent the day wandering this area, but we weren’t just here to explore, we had at least another three locations to get to before dark!

Next candidate on the list was Stackpole Nature Reserve. A lovely mixture of forestry, marshlands and lakes.

While trying to shoot a long exposure photo of little waterfall under a arch bridge, I couldn’t understand why the picture kept coming through shaky and out of focus!? A few minutes later I had a text from my other sister who was at home, we just had an earthquake of 4.7 magnitude!

Ahh that would explain the shaking in the photo! Darn you earthquake, ruining my photograph!

Sadly the weather was not on our side at this location, and yes the heavens opened! I was able to grab a few shots before the rain, so it wasn’t all bad!

Onto the location number five, St Govan’s Chapel! Now if you ever head down to Pembroke, you have to visit this little gem, less than a five minute walk from the car park, so doable even if your a little short on time.

Oh but don’t go there if the red flags are up, as you are kinda in a firing range, so… just try again later!

So the last location, Freshwater West beach, I had planned to use this location for a long exposure sunset shot. But the cloud had just got thicker and thicker and had completely blocked out any chance of a sunset!

Never mind, headed down there anyway and took a few shots of our wild Atlantic ocean in between the drizzle!

So by this time we had eaten all our supply’s and were starving! So there was only one thing to do, find a chippy!

So off we headed to Pembroke to find a suitable chip shop and after getting lost again, we finally found a suitable candidate!

Now by this time I must of been starting to feel tired as I couldn’t find the door to get in! Thankfully my sister was with me and stopped me wandering off looking for a back entrance and showed me the way in!

So food ordered (and a coffee!) we decided to head back to Carew Castle car park to eat our well deserved meal!

I had checked the forecast for the area and there was going to be a potentially break in the clouds around 8:00pm! There was no way I was going to miss out on this opportunity, so we both decided to try and have a quick nap for half an hour and pray the clouds cleared!

8:00pm came. I hadn’t really slept, just lay there watching the time tick by. I got out out of the car and looked up into the night sky. Never had I been so relieved to see those big twinkling stars!

It wasn’t completely clear, but clear enough! So I grabbed my kit and headed to the castle!

About 45mins later the cloud started sneaking back over, but I had got the shot I wanted so I was happy and could drive home satisfied. I had done it!

14 hours, six locations and had travelled around 200 miles. But I have more than enough images to show for it! What a day!

4 thoughts on “Pembrokeshire Grand Tour!

  1. Amazing love the photographs! :0)


  2. Great stuff Sarah, especially love the last image.


    1. Thank you Peter! Me too, definitely my favourite of the day 😊


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