Sony Animal Eye AF in action!

A couple of weeks ago I has the chance to borrow the Sony A7 III for a wedding and while I had it I took the opportunity to put the Animal Eye AF to the test.

So my dogs were the first test subject and fair enough the eye AF was very accurate and tracked the eye really well. I mainly took static shots, but next time I plan to test it when they’re running about in the garden!

I did find in low light it would sometimes linger on there forehead, which is a bit strange. I mean for all we know dogs may have a third eye on there forehead that the human eye can’t detect, but Sonys technology can!

Crazy thoughts aside, as soon as I recomposed my shot, that little green box was straight back on the eye.

Now cats were easy and I had no problem with the eye AF with my cat, it locked on his eye straight away and didn’t struggle to track him as he manovered about.

Next up are my horses. Now horses are one of the animals that this technology has a hard time detecting. But don’t worry Sony I figured it out! It’s all about the lashes! I’ll explain.

So at first I couldn’t understand why it was pretty good picking up Sophies eye, but no matter what angle I tried it would not pick up Mollys eyes. Then looking back through the photos I could see that Mollys eyelashes were basically getting in the way. Sophie has short dainty eyelashes, Molly has long thick eyelashes, which cover up her eyes a bit too well. I hope to test this again on multiple horses and see if my theory is correct so watch this space!

So after the horses I drove up to the mountain to see if it works on sheep.

Trouble was I only had my 50mm lens with me and sheep are nutoriously shy. So after a few unsuccessful attempts of trying to get a decent distant to the sheep I got in my car and tried sneaking up on them as sheep aren’t that bothered by passing cars. Result!

Managed to get close to this lady and the eye AF focused immediately! So yes it works on sheep!

And yes I was holding the Sony A7 III out of the window while driving…..

So our last model of the day, chickens!

I tried with the Pekins first (imagine a tiny, super fluffy chicken!) with no avail!

Then I tried on the larger hens, and it worked! Took a little while to pick them up to begin with but once it had it was happily focusing on the chickens eyes as I moved from one to the other!

I am hoping to borrow this camera again soon and I do have a few animals on my list I want to test it on!
If you have any animals that you want me to try it on let me know and I will add it to the list!

Happy shooting peeps 😊

Photo 1: Kala the Rhodesian x Labrador
Photo 2: Sonya the Rhodesian x Collie
Photo 3: Chester the Cat
Photo 4: Sophie the Welsh Section D
Photo 5: Molly the Cob
Photo 6: Mrs Sheep… the sheep
Photo 7: Winter the Sussex x Warren Photo 8: Coco the Sussex x Barnevelder

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